A man in a buttoned blue shirt and black pants holds a stack of papers that have coloured corner pieces and are clipper together in groups with coloured clips. There is a desk in front of him with a clipboard and pen.
A facemask with money printed on it resting on a wood surface.

Repaying Individual Pandemic Benefits

The worst of the COVID 19 pandemic which began almost three years ago is now hopefully behind us That doesn t mean however that Canadians

A paper with the text Check your tax credits now, Use these guidance notes to help you check the details on your Annual Review and make your Declaration. Other text is covered with a pen. A calculator also rests on the page.

The Tax Year is Ending – Some Planning Steps to Take Before December 31

For individual Canadian taxpayers the tax year ends at the same time as the calendar year And what that means for individual Canadians is that

Picture of a sign that reads Canada Revenue Agency National Headquarters

CEBA Forgiveness Repayment Extended Until December 31, 2023

The forgiveness repayment date has been extended to December 31 2023 for eligible CEBA loan holders in good standing Applicants that qualified for the new

A wood stand holds small letter blocks with the letters L, O, A, and N on them. More letter blocks are sitting on a wood surface surrounding the stand.

Loaning Money From Your Corporation: A Cautionary Tale (Newsletter)

A newsletter article with information pertaining to loans from your corporation nbsp Issue61 Corporate pdf Un article de bulletin contenant des informations relatives aux prêts

A clock, stacks of coins, and a jar full of coins with the word Retirement on it sit on a surface with an un-focused leafy green background.

Newsletter: First Home Savings Accounts

This quarterly newsletter focuses on First Home Savings Accounts and how they work nbsp Issue61 Personal pdf Cette lettre d 8217 information trimestrielle se concentre

Many small pieces of paper lay in random orientations with black question marks printed on them. One piece of paper sits in the middle of the pile with the word Tax printed in red on it.

When the Taxman Has Questions About Your Return…

By the beginning of August almost every Canadian has filed his or her income tax return for the previous year and has received the Notice

An illustration of the word Debt. Attached to the D is a chain, which has a shackle and lock at the other end.

Managing Debt in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Since 2009 Canadians have been living and borrowing in an ultra low interest rate environment Between January 2009 and January 2022 the bank rate from

A cartoon depiction of a man holding an over-sized wallet, while an arm holds a piece of paper with the word Taxes on it. The background is blue with a darker blue outline of a car and a house.

Planning Ahead for 2023: Employee Deductions

For most Canadians tax planning for a year that hasn t even started yet may seem too remote to even be considered However most Canadians

A desk with two brown leather chairs seated at it. There is a laptop in front of one chair and a computer screen, mouse, and keyboard in front of the other. A framed picture of indiscernible smaller objects and a glass with a plant in it sit on the desk as well.

Planning for Home Office Expense Claims

Over the past three years the structure of work from home arrangements for employees has been a constantly changing landscape In 2020 almost all employees

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