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How to Respond to a Tax Installment Notice

Sometime during the month of February, millions of Canadians will receive mail from the Canada Revenue Agency. That mail, a “Tax Instalment Reminder”, will set

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Reducing the 2022 Tax Bill – Some Tax Filing Strategies for Those Over Age 65

2022 was a year of almost unrelenting bad financial news for Canadians, but perhaps no group was more affected by those changes than retirees who

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Our 2022 CFE Graduates!

We are pleased to honour our CFE Grads later this week at their Convocation ceremonies in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We hope all our

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Employment Insurance Premiums 2023

The Employment Insurance premium rate for 2023 is set at 1.63%. Yearly maximum insurable earnings are set at $61,500, making the maximum employee premium $1,002.45.

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New Underused Housing Tax (UHT) Clarified

New taxes are challenging, and AC Group firms understand you want the information as clearly and concisely as possible, to understand your responsibilities on reporting

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2022 Personal Income Tax Checklist

For your use, we have provided a Personal Income Tax Checklist to assist you in preparing to file your 2022 Personal Income Tax (T1) Return. 

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Canada Pension Plan Contributions for 2023

The Canada Pension Plan contribution rate for 2023 is set at 5.95% of pensionable earnings for the year. Maximum pensionable earnings for the year will

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Federal Individual Tax Credits for 2023

Dollar amounts on which individual non-refundable federal tax credits for 2023 are based, and the actual tax credit claimable, will be as follows: Credit Amount

Picture of a sign that reads Canada Revenue Agency National Headquarters

Federal Individual Tax Rates and Brackets for 2023

The indexing factor for federal tax credits and brackets for 2023 is 6.3%. The following federal tax rates and brackets will be in effect for