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Tax Tips and Traps

Tax Tips and Traps is a quarterly Newsletter that discusses the key points of the most recent tax developments applicable to business owners, investors, and

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Tax Deadlines and Limits for the 2023 Tax Year

Each new tax year brings with it a listing of tax payment and filing deadlines, as well as some changes with respect to tax saving

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Income Smoothing in Retirement – Strategies to Minimize the OAS Clawback

Canada’s retirement income system is often referred to as a three-part system. Individuals earning income from employment or self-employment can contribute to a registered retirement

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Congratulating Our Successful CFE Writers!

Member firms of the AC Group supported nine writers through successful writing of their CFE exams! We look forward to celebrating these individuals at their

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Articles Resume in 2023!

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Changements dans le Traitement Fiscal des Réceptions de Fin d’Année pour le Personnel et des Cadeaux Remis aux Employés

Alors que la pandémie continue de s’affaiblir, les activités sociales traditionnelles des Fêtes offertes par l’employeur sont de nouveau devenues une réalité. Toutefois, comme dans

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Repaying Individual Pandemic Benefits

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic which began almost three years ago is now (hopefully) behind us. That doesn’t mean, however, that Canadians aren’t still

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The Tax Year is Ending – Some Planning Steps to Take Before December 31

For individual Canadian taxpayers, the tax year ends at the same time as the calendar year. And what that means for individual Canadians is that

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CEBA Forgiveness Repayment Extended Until December 31, 2023

The forgiveness repayment date has been extended to December 31, 2023 for eligible CEBA loan holders in good standing. Applicants that qualified for the new