A man in a buttoned blue shirt and black pants holds a stack of papers that have coloured corner pieces and are clipper together in groups with coloured clips. There is a desk in front of him with a clipboard and pen.
Picture of a sign that reads Canada Revenue Agency National Headquarters

What To Expect When Your Hear From the Canada Revenue Agency

Most Canadians live their lives with only very infrequent contact with the tax authorities and are generally happy to keep it that way. Sometime between

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Avoiding (Or Minimizing) the OAS Clawback

There are a number of income sources available to Canadians in retirement. Those who participated in the work force during their adult life will have

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Capital Gains Exemptions for Corporate Interests: Newsletter

Issue63-Corporate.pdf Cette édition d’un bulletin trimestriel porte sur l’exonération des gains en capital.FR-Issue63-Corporate.pdf

The government of Canada logo with a teal coloured maple leaf.

2023 Federal Budget Commentary

On March 28, 2023, the Federal Government tabled Budget 2023, which proposed a broad array of provisions impacting many individuals and businesses. The Budget did

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UHT Penalties and Interest Waived

Visit the Government of Canada page for more information on this latest development from Canada Revenue:…

A green-tone picture of several papers related to taxes, with a pan, calculator and staple-remover. Light green text below states Deductions: Union Dues.

Claiming a Deduction for Union or Professional Dues

Most Canadians deal with our tax system only once a year, when it’s time to complete and file the annual tax return. That return form

Picture of a sign that reads Canada Revenue Agency National Headquarters

How and When to File Your 2022 Tax Return

For many years, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been encouraging Canadian taxpayers to file their returns online, through the CRA’s website. And that message

The government of Canada logo with a teal coloured maple leaf.

What’s New on the Tax Return for 2022?

The obligation to complete and file a tax return – and to pay any balance of taxes owed – recurs each spring with what probably

A desk with a laptop, notebook, calendar, basket, several books, and other decorative items. Vertical blinds cover a window in the background.

Claiming Home Office Expenses for 2022

As the pandemic dragged on into 2022, many employees continued to work from home for pandemic-related reasons. And probably at least as many employees reached

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