Special Services

Each AC Group firm has the necessary in-house resources to serve most requirements of clients in this region. However, like most local accounting firms, some firms do not have the necessary volume of work which requires highly specialized training and experience to justify a full-time business valuator, insolvency practitioner, or other specialist within each independent practice. As a result, this work often must be referred to others.

However, as members of the AC Group, we draw on the combined knowledge and experience of the other independent firms in the group, and have a combined volume of engagements to allow such specialized services to be provided from within the group.

Business Valuations

AC Group firms have the resources to assist clients in performing both informal estimates of the value of their business, and when circumstances dictate the need, to provide clients with more formal independent expressions of value.

Value determinations are commonly needed in corporate reorganizations and in negotiating the purchase, sale or merger of a business enterprise. In addition, business valuations may be beneficial or necessary in the following situations:

  • Obtaining financing
  • Reviews of the adequacy of Life Insurance
  • Dissenting shareholder and partner disputes
  • Matrimonial breakdown
  • Benchmarking of your company's success
  • Death of a Shareholder

Business valuations are often required because ownership interests in privately held companies can represent a significant portion of one's estate. The value or worth of an interest in a privately held company (as opposed to shares in a public company) is because there is no active market to sell or trade that interest from which to ascertain or approximate value.

Business valuations begin with in-depth research and analysis conducted by qualified and experienced professionals on the economic outlook, competition in the marketplace and financial position of your business enterprise. Then, by analyzing financial statements, operating data, legal documents and other company information, they can determine the fair market value of your business.

Insurance Claim and Litigation Support

AC Group member firms assist their clients when there is a need for those specialized services which often lead to a final determination in a court of law.

A number of the partners and staff of AC Group member firms have considerable experience in such areas as Insurance Claim and Litigation Support; several have Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) or Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credentials, and are recognized by the courts as experts in their field.

Some of the areas where we can provide litigation support services include:

  • Valuation of shares or net assets of small and medium-size businesses for litigation purposes, such as shareholder or matrimonial disputes
  • Loss quantification for damages in breach of contract or tort cases, including personal injury
  • Loss quantification for business interruption insurance purposes
  • Compensation due in expropriation matters
  • Forensic investigations in cases of fraud or misappropriation of funds

"I was in the banking business for 20 years and worked with accounting firms of all types and sizes. When I made a career change 10 years ago one decision that was very easy to make was to use a local CA firm. I had seen first hand the importance of receiving personal, uninterrupted accounting and financial advice."

Jean Jacques Normand
President, Plaza Chevrolet
Pontiac Buick GMC

"We appreciate the level of service and attention a local firm provides, and the knowledge that as we grow, they have the backing of the AC Group association to grow with us."

Peter MacWilliam CA
VP Finance, Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc.

“Independent Insurance Brokers understand the value of supporting the community where we make our living. So our Company made a decision to contract out services to "local" rather than "out of town" suppliers, provided that the quality, dependability and value aspects were at acceptable levels.  McIsaac Darragh Chartered Accountants were one of the first firms contacted in this regard and since 1989 have provided tax and accounting services that matched and bettered the above criteria. As a company we are very happy to be in partnership with a local firm who can be contacted quickly if the need should arise and will respond rapidly and in a totally professional manner to give correct advice at the right time. McIsaac - Darragh have grown with us and share in our success.”

Garry Stack
President, Archway Insurance