Assurance Engagements

Audits and Review of Financial Statements

For each of our member firms, a large part of their practice is providing assurance and accounting services to a broad range of clients located throughout Atlantic Canada Our members firms have been part of their communities for an average of 15 years; some with roots of 40 years. This long-term presence means clients can count on AC Group members to know the local business environment.

Clients engage us because they know they can rely on our professional reputation for independence, objectivity, and credibility in carrying out our work. Business owners and external users of the financial information can also feel more confident in the reported results because of our involvement.

Many of our clients require an annual audit to add credibility to their financial statements for bankers and other external users of their financial reporting. An audit provides the highest level of assurance and is the most reliable service available to the public. Our signing and issuance of an Audit Report means that we have examined a client's books and accounting systems, and have provided an informed opinion on the fairness of the financial information attached to that report.

However, a large number of our clients don't need an audit, perhaps due to the owners’ level of personal involvement in the business, or because external parties don't require this high level of assurance. As a result, we often perform less extensive work, and communicate the results in what is referred to as a Review Engagement Report.

Other Financial Information Including Projections and Forecasts

Many clients engage us to provide assurance on other financial information, including various financial schedules, projected financial results, and financial forecasts. Again, our involvement may be needed to fulfill a requirement by a third party (such as a franchisor, landlord, or financial lender) or may simply be the result of an owner or manager wanting to be more comfortable with the fairness of the information.

"I was in the banking business for 20 years and worked with accounting firms of all types and sizes. When I made a career change 10 years ago one decision that was very easy to make was to use a local CA firm. I had seen first hand the importance of receiving personal, uninterrupted accounting and financial advice."

Jean Jacques Normand
President, Plaza Chevrolet
Pontiac Buick GMC

"We appreciate the level of service and attention a local firm provides, and the knowledge that as we grow, they have the backing of the AC Group association to grow with us."

Peter MacWilliam CA
VP Finance, Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc.

“Independent Insurance Brokers understand the value of supporting the community where we make our living. So our Company made a decision to contract out services to "local" rather than "out of town" suppliers, provided that the quality, dependability and value aspects were at acceptable levels.  McIsaac Darragh Chartered Accountants were one of the first firms contacted in this regard and since 1989 have provided tax and accounting services that matched and bettered the above criteria. As a company we are very happy to be in partnership with a local firm who can be contacted quickly if the need should arise and will respond rapidly and in a totally professional manner to give correct advice at the right time. McIsaac - Darragh have grown with us and share in our success.”

Garry Stack
President, Archway Insurance