Watch! Life in the Tax Lane (Video Tax News)

This FREE 10-minute video for Canadian Tax Professionals includes rapid-fire discussion of select recent developments in the wonderful world of Canadian tax presented by the Video Tax News Team. Topics...


Federal Carbon Tax Exemptions for Fishers and Farmers

Learn how to access the exemption for Fishers and Farmers.


2023 Policies on Taxable Benefits

If you are an employer and offer taxable benefits to your employees or workers, you should review the January 1, 2023 updates to taxable benefits policies on gifts, awards, long-service...


Wildfire Resources

Wildfires have had disastrous impact on many in Atlantic Canada. Find resources to help you or someone you care about here.


Tax Tips and Traps

This quarterly newsletter provided by Video Tax answers common tax questions and provides updates pertaining to Canadian tax laws.Q2_Tax_Tips___Traps.pdf


What to do when you can’t pay your tax bill

While receiving a refund is the best possible outcome, the worst-case scenario for all taxpayers is to find out that they are faced with a large tax bill and an...


What to expect when you hear from the Canada Revenue Agency

A call from CRA is daunting. Here's what to expect.


Avoiding (or minimizing) the OAS clawback

The OAS program is distinct from other sources of retirement income in another, less welcome way, in that it is the only such income source for which the federal government...


Capital Gains Exemption for Corporate Interests: Newsletter

Looking for information on the Capital Gains exemption for your small business; or farm or fishing property?